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Jesselton Journal of Educators and Scholars (JJES) with e-ISSN: 3009-0881, serves as a prominent platform for academics and educators to share their research, insights, and advancements in the field of education. This journal will cover a wide array of topics within the realm of education, aiming to foster intellectual exchange and contribute to the enhancement of teaching and learning methodologies. The journal showcases a diverse range of articles, including empirical studies, theoretical analyses, and practical applications. These contributions are intended to address various challenges and opportunities in education, catering to educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners alike. 

Jesselton Journal of Educators and Scholars (JJES) is a quarterly journal for original research, systematic reviews, meta data analysis papers in the area of Education and institutional related researches. It is published by Jesselton University College, Malaysia

We publish original research papers, meta-analysis works, scholarly literature and systematic reviews that are primary in nature. Primary research means that your work is collected and analysed by you for the purpose of respective research. The original research manuscripts published in JJES are expected to bring new insights with new perspectives so that existing datasets are used widely before it gets obsolete. Jesselton Journal of Educators and Scholars plays a pivotal role in disseminating cutting-edge research and fostering a community of academics dedicated to advancing education. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and evidence-based practices, the journal contributes to the ongoing improvement of educational systems and outcomes on both local and global scales. As a valuable resource for educators and scholars, it serves as a catalyst for positive change in the field of education

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Vol. 1 No. 01 (2023): Pilot Articles
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Jesselton Journal of Educators and Scholars